About us

Artil company is a private agency.

We specialize in full service sales and rental of residential and co-mercial projects in Prague and other major regions of the Czech Republic.

Outside the domestic market, and together with its partners akvitně operate in the real estate market in London, Dubai and Egypt, Thailand, Croatia.

We focus on individual care for our clients and providing services oborných when dealing with the sale and purchase of real estate and construction development projects. For our pupil naires we offer sections or individual and exclusive architectural and design services.

We can also arrange services brokering the sale and purchase fine art and art objects and konzutační services associated with the purchase of artworks. We are making it easier for our clients to focus on domestic and foreign art market.

Real estate activities

We are providing a complete service associated with the sale/ purchase of real estate, with a focus on the interests of our clients. Real Estate Artilo collaborates with professionals therefore we are able to offer highly qualified legal, architectural, construction and engineering services.
We offer an extensive, constantly edited clients and properties databases. We closely collabo-rate with several other major real estate agencies, what greatly generates the success of the sale and rental of real estate. We guarantee the highest quality and professionalism of services we provide.

member of EMAA International
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